Start Your Adventure!

Want to test your skills in a shuffled Fratelli House? You’ve come to the right place!

1. Get the ROM

You’ll need the base ROM. This should be a The Goonies 2 ROM.

crc32: aa9ca482
md5: d38325cffb9ba2e6f57897c0e9564cc0
sha1: 0a5b8fd5e46f56203f8bf12e888f4f2ea1616aa8

2. Choose Your Game Options

Head on over to Generate Randomized Game and provide your ROM. The next screen will show a variety of game options.

3. Get a Way to Play

First, you’ll need something to run your newly minted game on. We recommend using an emulator. An emulator is a program that closely replicates NES hardware, allowing you to run NES games on your computer. We recommend the FCEUX emulator, find out more at the FCEUX website.

There are other supported ways to play, including on original NES hardware.

4. Get Playing!

You’re finally ready to go! The best way to learn is to load up your new ROM and start playing.

  • You can pause the game with Select and in the Overworld press UP+A to be warped to the starting area.
  • You only need to punch the old lady once to get her item.