• Item drops from enemies will always drop a key or bomb first if you have none.
  • Fixed a bug with NPC’s with an item would give multiple items.
  • Fixed bug where Goonies in their vanilla locations were hidden.
  • Added missing item location.


  • Magic Locator Devices should show on map to the proper Goonie.
  • Graphics have been added to show if you need to Hammer or Glasses in a room.


  • Goonies can be in any non item room that doesn’t have a forward door.
  • Items randomized among item locations.
  • Graph based randomization.
  • Permalinks to generated roms.
  • Utilize BPS patching format for smaller complete patches.
  • Your copy of ROM is stored in local storage.
  • Website created.
  • Logo courtesy of fmp.
  • Updated start screen.
  • You can pause the game with Select and in the Overworld press UP+A to be warped to the starting area.
  • You only need to punch the old lady once to get her item.